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Privacy Policy 

Since EMET respects the privacy of its users on the Website, the Company has decided to publish its privacy policy and to commit itself to comply with this policy. 

The purpose of this policy is to disclose the Company's practices regarding the privacy of its users and the data collected on the Website. 

Using this Website constitutes an agreement for the acceptance of these terms. 

These terms are formulated in the masculine form for convenience only and refer to all genders equally. 

These Terms apply to the Website and to the Services contained therein by any communication device (such as a mobile phone, tablet, computer, etc). 

Us – The Company 

1. Daniel Amado (Israeli ID 311245872) and Anat Schlein (Israeli ID 303952584) constitute the responsible party operating the service for which this Privacy Policy was written. 


2. While using the Website Services, information about your actions will be collected regularly. Some of the information might identify you personally, for example, name, address, products you purchased, payment methods used, etc. This shall constitute the information you knowingly disclose when you purchase a product on the Website. 

In addition, some of the information which does not personally identify you and is not stored with your details – mainly statistical and aggregate information, shall also be collected. For example, the pages you viewed, the offers and services you were interested in, the web address (IP) you were contacting from, and more. 


Services Registration 

3. The Company shall only require information directly necessary for the provision of Services or for the Purchase of Products, including information such as e-mail name, surname, address, etc. 

4. It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide correct, accurate and complete details, hereby confirming the correctness of the details provided. Any data provided shall be retained by the Website’s operator at its discretion. 

5. Incorrect details and/or failure to provide complete details may prevent you from using the Website Services. 


Website Security 

6. This website is secured by the new PCIDSS standard and meets the stringent requirements of credit card companies. 

7. Despite the Company's efforts, there is no guarantee that the information won’t be disclosed in the event of a harmful or ill-intentioned hacking to the Website’s systems. 

8. The Customer agrees to waive the Company’s liability for the disclosure of any information in the event of a breach to the Website’s systems or servers, and the Customer waives any claim against the Company for such reason. 

Databases and use of information by site operators 

9. The company is legally permitted to store the information provided by the user in its database. 

10. Any data collected shall be stored in the Company's database and under its responsibility. 

11. The company may provide any necessary information to third-party providers, e.g. a third-party shipping company. 

12. The information collected will only be used under this Privacy Policy or within the provisions of any law to: 

* Permit the use of the different services on the site 

* Improve and enrich the services and contents offered on the Website 

* For the purchase of products and services on site 


Direct Mailing 

13. The company would like to send you occasional e-mails with information about its services, along with relevant marketing and advertising information. 

14. Such information will only be sent if you have expressly agreed to it, and you may withdraw your consent at any time. 

15. The Company will not disclose your personal information to advertisers. 

Providing information to a third party 

16. The Company shall not disclose any personal information to third parties, except for cases in which it is necessary for the provision of the Services or Products. 



17. The Company's website uses "cookies" for regular and proper operation, to collect statistics about the use of the website, for verification of details, to adapt the Website to your personal preferences and for information security needs. 

18. Modern browsers possess the option of disabling cookies. For any information on this subject, check the help file of the browser you are using. 

Changes to Privacy Policy 

19. The Company reserves itself the right to change the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy from time to time without being required to give any prior notice, solely publishing updated versions of these policies on the Website. 


Contact Us 

20. We invite our customers to contact us regarding any inquiries about the Website or its Privacy Policy, specifying the full details of the inquiry, ensuring that your inquiries are handled promptly and efficiently. 

Our contact details: 

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